Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dancehallogy 101B: Behind Food Issue

To continue growing and evolving, Japan society has been blazing its unique, original culture to di world. And in the big capital metropolis Tokyo dancehall scene there is a man with full of vibes edgy lyrics, named Hibikilla. His thoughts bring our consciousness to the next level.

I went to interview him to learn about his view point on food issue and behind the scene.

Think of "Behind Food Issue" with Hibikilla

continued from a previous article "Dancehallogy 101A: Behind Food Issue"

Q. What did you have in mind for a song "What's cooking? feat. Everton Blender"?

"Briefly, the song is about 'rethink of food'. I made this song with Everton Blender when he was in Tokyo. He is a Rastaman, and was staying in a hotel room with a kitchen."

"I had been wanting to make a song like that since my girl friend is into that."

"They say wearing, eating, and housing are the main three elements in life. Obviously, everybody cares about 'wearing', however, what about 'eating'? I thought something wasn't right. Isn't it also important?"

"They are all Rastamans. Munga, Movado and Beenie Man too. Everybody takes care of food they eat even though they all look gangstas."