Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dancehallogy 101C: Behind Food Issue

To continue growing and evolving, Japan society has been blazing its unique, original culture to di world. And in the big capital metropolis Tokyo dancehall scene there is a man with full of vibes edgy lyrics, named Hibikilla. His thoughts bring our consciousness to the next level.

I went to interview him to learn about his view point on food issue and behind the scene.

Think of "Behind Food Issue" with Hibikilla

continued from an article "Dancehallogy 101B: Behind Food Issue"

Q. So, in my eyes, they judge you by how one dresses.

"Talking about a Superman and a monster though, not only a sports community but an ordinary society too wants monsters. In a company setting as an example, they want salarymen who don't mind to work over time as if they are servants. A direction of it is like a monster. As for artists, they push you to release 5 song or even 10 songs in a month, so that they can earn much more. A whole society looks like going that direction."

"It's like a stressful society in which one is required to become a monster."

"So, eventually one would luck a sense of balance. As a result, his/her everyday life becomes imbalanced."

"Many people seem to have already forgotten that in Jamaica there are lots of Christians. And a number of church per citizen is said to be one of the highest in the world. Other than Christianism, people there follow Rasta or Islam. All of them read a book, Bible or Koran, based on stories back from 2,000 - 4,000 yrs ago. Because a society is made up with those people, they as human beings don't overextend themselves. It means a society in which one doesn't become a monster. Actually it's a society made up by lots of supermen. So I suppose that a music comes from that kind of society is Reggae."

Q. Are you saying that we in the 1st world are producing monsters as many as possible?

"Well, it's like... take suppliments and go work out, instead of eating food. It doesn't have to be a suppliment though, it could be anything like overworking or attending a juku from an early childhood."

Q. I know many have said "I can't do that. No time and no money for it" when asked to rethink their eating habit.

"It's better to cook oneself"

"The Tenyo incident made me think that it wasn't a industrial-strength. It was designed to be consumed at home. My first impression was that there were so many who consume frozen foods at home."

"What is made in a processed food factory is a product, an industrial product. So, without being taught, one should sense a risk if s/he keeps eating only that. It's so important to have senses, like sixth sense or instinct."

"Eventually, one should believe in her/his own instinct more. Life is like that, one keeps adding up small things. Believe in own sense that something may be wrong, so s/he focuses on retraining on that. One gets that sense back easily once goes to mountain or ocean."