Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dancehallogy 101D: Behind Food Issue

Dear you, you and you out there,

How much do you care of your food, daily diet?
Did you know what's added to that food, our cruelty, and a global foods industrial structure?

OK, so now you know what's up. Let's keep going.

Think of "Behind Food Issue" with Hibikilla

Q. What do you suggest us who live in a megalopolice?

"One way is that everybody gets together at Shibuya Amrax for Party Hard Tuesday. This will help to get that wild instinct back. With its sound system and bass, you wouldn't need a normal and logical thinking, in a place like there- a place you feel with your body and soul rather than to think in a head."

Q. Sounds like a religious ceremony, no?

"Yes, part of it is. Like they go to a church and get together on Sunday, on Tuesday night people are gathered there. It's alike. Meet friends, report something, drink together, and just talk. And I believe that there is a meaning. If I'm asked what that meaning is, it is "getting something back", I think."

"Law- enforcement and social expectation, so what? Like that. More of sentience thing. Get that back, I think."

Q. Have you looked for an answer? And ever thought to spread that?

"No. I just do like that. It wouldn't be anything if I force my thoughts on others."

"It's just fun, just enjoyable. Yet I have no doubt that there are many messages there and you could get close to truth."