Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Social Activism 102: The Price of Silence

積極的社会行動主義 102: The Price of Silence

これは、Link TV: Television Without Borders (リンクTV:国境無きテレビ)により制作された曲 The Price of Silence。 


「もうそうゆうのは止めようぜ」と、世界的人権保護団体のアムネスティー・インターナショナルが第二次世界大戦後の 1948 年に国連と一緒に「世界人権宣言」というのを作りました。今回はこれの 60 周年を記念しての曲。




Social Activism 102: The Price of Silence

This song The Price of Silence is produced by Link TV: Television Without Borders. And I found about it via Japanese social web magazine

In 1948, Amnesty International alongside UN declared Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) aiming to stop all those human trafficking business, political suppression n any human rights violations.

Even today, many of us are unknowingly and indirectly support the only power of weapon, politics n money. Of course we want n somehow need those "money, power n respect" things. But wanting only these has been a cause of many of global issues as you all know.

The featuring artists all over the world to this song do their tasks, making the world better place, believing music can bring a social change.

In this world, so many things are intertwined. Countries, religions n ethnics, everything n everybody got its own systematic tricks. This could make you uneasy to navigate yourself. But look around, you will find many others working on to carry out their messages to the world.

What you can do, lo que pueda hacer. What only you can do, lo que solo tu pueda hacer. Its so important, es tan importante.

Stay focus.

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