Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Introduction Brooklyn pre.102 : Bed-Stuy

Dec.2005 - Jul.2007
Brooklyn, NY 11233, USA

Brooklyn's got many urban neighborhoods, and I lived in a hood called Bed-Stuy. My neighbors were all Caribbean people and pretty much I was the only Asian living the block.

Introduction Brooklyn pre.102: Bed-Stuy

My name was Chinaman. Living in Bed-Stuy, hanging out at a tire shop, plantain chips for munches, drinking ginger beer, and chill.

Everyting good. Pura Vida. Todo bien.

But when I moved there, actually I got warned/welcomed by this latino guy in a car saying to me, "Yo, Chino, you gotta watch out here. Ain't no yuh hood." Even at the exit of Rockaway on C line, this creepy neighbor begged for "a couple of dollar", then moved his arm around his lower back and posed if he had "some" there. He asked me if I knew "what's like to be shot".

Yo, I don know bout that.

It was all good tho. From next day, I had to exit there anyway.

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