Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Introduction Cuba 102: Agricultura

February 2004


Right after the revolutionary took back the power to govern the own nation, they nationalized farmland and made national education as well as health care for free.

There were community's farms and clinics everywhere I visited in Pinar Del Rio province and the suburbs of La Habana.

Basically, the community farm is an organic. They collect organic wastes from the community to make the compost. Totally locally grown, locally consumed. Great thing. A gardener told us that there had been many foreingers, like german scientists, the US college students and Canadian youths, come visit to learn Cuban style of community farming. It is now actually one of the hottest sustainable and eco agricultural models in the world.

However, food products and commodities available in Cuban market are limited compared to Japan. So, the ideas of living up and/or any luxurious styles don't really exisit there.

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