Monday, September 8, 2008

Introduction Brooklyn 101A: Williamsburg

Dec. 2005 - Jul. 2007,
Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Everybody knows that all kinds of people living in NYC. But how many of them know about Brooklyn? For me, Brooklyn was the place to be. Even tho I only lived in Brooklyn for a year and a half, through my days there, Williamsburg seemed to be the hottest urban hood in cross-cultural aspect.

People and Culture has been the key word for my endeavor. And Williamsburg's got my attention.

Introduction Brooklyn 101A: Williamsburg

001. General Information

Briefly speaking, Williamsburg used to be a factory and warehouse for Manhattan. It was an original ghetto of NYC for longtime. In recent years, because of cheaper rent, people keep flowing into the area. And now, Williamsburg is the most diverse neighborhood in BKLN.

002. Tribes

Out of many groups in the neighborhood, these tribes below are obviously outstanding in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Group A: rapidly growing population in recent years

  • Yuppies- Young Urban Professional, speak English. One of the newest and the most wealthy tribes in the area. They are educated and have strong business professions, usually working in Manhattan. General reputation for them isn't always positive since they earn big bucks $$$.
  • Hipsters- energetic and fashinable youngsters, also speack English. They seem to be the leading tribes for creative cultures such as music, fashion, design and other aspects of urban culture.

Group B: locals who's been around for more than a generation

  • Latino- majority there are Boricuas and Dominicanos, speak Spanish. They have been a local since 2nd World War time, and now can be seen all over the area. Chilling, hanging out, and even flirting on sidewalks and around corners. They seem to have strong bond with family and friends. Many of local delis are owned by them.
  • Hasidic- conservative sect of Jewish communities, speak Yiddish. They also have been a local for long time and now are concentrated in south side of the area. Interestingly they all wear traditional black uniform like a Rapper/Reggae singer Matisyahu.
  • Italian- yes, their ancestors came from Italia. Began to flow into the area around 2nd World War and worked hard to survive. Now, many local business are said to be owned by them.

In addition, there is a Polish neighborhood in North Williamsburg. To the East Williamsburg, residences are mostly black people. All these kinds of people reside within 10-15mins bicycle ride. And this is why I enjoyed cultural diversity of Williamsburg... "all kinds of people, all kinds of people in this world, to make this world turn around, to make this world better place"... as Maxi Priest said in 1996.


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