Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Introduction Brooklyn 101B: Williamsburg

Dec. 2005 - Jul. 2007
Brooklyn, NY 111211, USA

Introduction Brooklyn 101B: Williamsburg


03. Area Research

Since Williamsburg used to be a heavy industrial area, size of many buildings are really big. Now, people live in those red brick loft the ex-warehouse. Plus many buildings' got access to a rooftop, and party people love that space.

One day when I went to this rooftop party in East Williamsburg, the scene was so Brooklyn style. Guest rappers from Houston, TX, and Canada, and the party crowd inna di building were so various. Ladies in sexy dress, school girls and boys, ghetto youths, wicked NewEra and custom Nike, Rastamen, and some interracial couples, they all share the music and space. Full of good vibes.

004. Summary

Whatever the latest urban style get mixed up and developed in a place like Williamsburg for sure. You can experience diverse culture in laid-back chaos of Brooklyn. It was definitely challenging yet interesting to learn cultural difference in etiquette, body language and a way to converse.

After all, the key word has been People and Culture in order to achieve my personal development and cross-cultural communication. I as a Japanese picked up good ideas for my tings while living in Brooklyn.

So, if anybody interested in the latest mix urban culture Brooklyn style, you gotta get involved with Williamsburg. You be feeling vibes and pick up whatever ideas for your things.

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