Monday, March 2, 2009

Introduction Cuba 104: Campo de Tabaco

February 2004

Tobacco Fields

So, I did tobacco picking, inna di world famous Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. Yeah, Tobacco picking, you pick tobacco leaves on a tobacco field.

The tobacco plants were neatly grown, lined up in a row, and their height were as high as my chest. Our task there was just to pick and collect young leaves that were about a size of 30cm - 40cm.

In the afternoon, we went to a big tobacco house. Inside the house, we hanged the leaves on a long wooden poles then the poles were collected and lifted from down to up up up.

Then a break time, we were asked like "how was the picking work?" An old work man then rolled dried leaves to make an instant cigar and lit it. So I had a puff of it too. Hmm, the taste was boom, que fuerte like really strong flavor.

My five senses being stimulated, I had such great experience on this day out at the tobacco fields. Big thanks for the rich Cuban tobacco fields, the workers, the old man, and most importantly the original socialism island nation Cuba.

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