Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Corner Magazine 08

Dear you and your friends out there,

With huge supports from Kappatsudangan Pro. and Racy Bullet family, I've been given a page on Corner Magazine for 2 years. My page is called "Cornermagz Global Academy" as to express and share my overseas experiences and cultural aspects I learned in the countries of the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, plus Cuba.

Every time when Corner Magazine is published in each season, I always feel excited that readers I never seen out there will be stimulated their intellectual curiosity. And I hope them to open up something in themselves to reach out their next.

By the end of April, Corner Magazine vol. 08 was published and now it is available only at selected venues such as apparel shops, record stores, clubs and dance studios all around Japan. Unfortunately though, it is only distributed in Japan.

If you live in Japan and are interested, please dig your neighborhood to find the Japan's hottest street magazine Corner Magazine and check out "Cornermagz Global Academy".



Hottest Street Magazine

Muzik, Fashion, Culture, Life Style


available @ around your corner

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