Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elementary PE 101: Takayoshi Kitayama Timid to Top Fighter

No doubt anyone has spent some time in teenage feeling totally shit and no self-esteem. Yet time doesn't stop, so gradually we grow empowering ourselves. And for the many the force or reasons to decide where to go come from our own teenage experiences and all those memories.

Last night, I met up with a good ol' friend Takayoshi "Taca-chan" Kitayama from kindergarten. Que wow, how amazing hanging out with him after 16 yrs since last time we met.

I remember he used to be real shy guy style, as he expressed timid nerd when mid-teenage. Aright, now what? He made it to WMAF world champion.

You know what I mean, right? Just watch how he made his way (in Japanese). And now he is all ready to challenge for the highest stage: K-1 Max.

Word Up!!



彼は、シャイボーイだったんだ。彼自身、当時振り返って「小心者でイケテなかった」って。はい、で今は?ハンパない!キックボクシングの世界チャンピオンだ。J-Network てのと WMAF ってのと。

言ってることわかるでしょ?とにかく、彼がどうやって道を開いてきたか見てください。で、彼の次の目標は K-1 Max 出場だ。

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