Sunday, May 23, 2010

Global Youth Culture 101: Fusion Up

Word up!!
Pura Vida!

Global youth culture gets fusion up n evolve all over the world!

1. Alexis Jordan - Happiness
This is like "RnB meets House".
So smooth, and Dave Aude Remix is so chill.
ヨツ打ちと RnB、気持ちいい!And Roc Nation n Star Roc got her back.

2. Rory "Float" Bratter
He totally is an "Wushu Hits NYC Streets".
He can be in a Hollywood or Hong Kong movie anytime soon!
Watch the 中国武術 NYC ストリートスタイル!

3. Ent Deal League (Micky Rich, Ken-U, Domino-Ket)
These entertainers embody "Jamaican Vibes Evolve in Tokyo".
レペゼン東京、下町流行! Ting called Downtown Movement!

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