Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Intro World Current 103B: 無駄な援助,Dead Aid

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Dambisa Moyo

I strongly sympathize with what Dambisa Moyo says on her book Dead Aid. And I'm also somewhat encouraged that a person like her finally stood up and came out to the global media. I'd like to see n hear more voice like hers in the world politics n economy.

You can check her interviews on youtube:

1. on bloom burg, 3/26/2009
2. at Oxford Literacy Festival, 4/17/2009
3. on Norway's news program, with a Norwegian politician, 4/18/2009

Sacrifice or Cooperation

During my stay in Latin American countries and India, I've heard a lot of a similar voice from locals saying, "we gotta say NO to them". Here, a meaning of "we" stands for those local peasants and/or manual laborers and "them" implies the system of capitalistic people n stuff.

Anyway, the way I understand an social issue like this is, "Leave us alone outsiders, we take care of ourselves on our own. You say aid but you just want more controlling power by taking our natural resource and cash it."

However, one thing I get confused is a reality that an international relation, or call it sacrifice or cooperation, is actually what our nations' prosperity based on. So, it is hard to point out only negative elements of the issue and deny the whole thing since it could possibly denies a base of our daily life.

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