Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Introduction World Current 101: Perspective

Interest in the world

I'm so interested in what's goin on in the world.

During my 20's, I lived in Tennessee, California, Idaho, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Kyoto, New York, n now I'm in Shitamachi Tokyo. It's been around more than a couple of cultures.

Even after my return to home, I learn a different perspective on the topic with Ken-U and Ma$amatixxx. It's so worthy to have friends like them.

Checking some online news n magazines, I focus on Who does What n How, and read n read trying to see things from more than one perspective as much as possible since Japanese mass media isn't functioning. People in those major companies work their ass off tho. Their TV news n news papers kinda miss digging for Who does What, How n Why. In my eyes, their stand point just isn't supposed to dig, especially, news relating to global politics n economy.

Independent International Journalist

Trying to satisfy my intellectual curiosity about the world, I check tanakanews.com.

This site really helped me right after the 911 happened. Following the US news channels like CNN n reading Japanese news sites online, but I wasn't getting anything. Then, read his news report. He wasn't saying anything like what the mass media was broadcasting. I slowly came to be certain that his analyses are credible.

If you are interested in world current and can read in Japanese, you gotta check this site.

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