Friday, December 4, 2009

Introduction World Current 102: Perspective Reconsideration

The force of number: 数の論理

I've thought about what really "common sense" in Japan is. Think think, n re-think. I did understand the idea but I couldn't be sure who really drew the line. And I looked at those who taught us what it is now.

Im talking about the force of number in our system.

I think they are pretty well off in our society. Also their opinion, especially collective opinion, is said to be strong so that their voice tend to get carried out than those peasants out there.

Now we have this mass media. Yomiuri, Asahi, Nikkei, n more. But what is it that a purpose of this mass media?

What if you could manipulate the mass media, what would you wanna publicize? Can be many things, no. And possibly you could make up some stories, add some visual n sound effects, using some applications n pug-ins. That would be some interesting work, no.

Ok, so think, if all that is done to information itself? Who really educated them n why?

Public control: 大衆管理

This gotta be a well planned strategy that we don't even suspect anything anybody. However any form of ruling the mass exist world wide n its systems been around forever.

Alright, now looking at "international news". And think once again, who really are they broadcasting those news? What are they n where do they live? And look at their stockholders.

Now, aren't they, who fund the mass media, all friends? Doesn't matter if news talk about petroleum, energy, nuclear, crops, or investment itself, the mass media all talk with the same perspective.

Back to common sense. Is whatever that is really true or just that you are taught to believe in?

So I guess you jus do what you want n say what you want. Meanwhile, if you are in Japan, don't forget to remain being modest.

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