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Intro World Current 103A: Africa Now

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Those who are into an international relation between European n African countries in politics n economy may know already tho, today I wanna talk about Dambisa Moyo.

Elite from Africa

Recently I learned about this London based economist. She is an author of Dead Aid, published in the spring 2009. The book soon became the New York Times Best Seller.

According to Financial Times, "Moyo, who is in her thirties, was born in Zambia. Her father, the son of a South African mineworker, is an academic and anti-corruption campaigner; her mother, the chairwoman of the Indo-Zambian bank."

So she is an wow elite, she got a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and MBA in finance at the American University in DC., a Masters form Harvard University and completed a PhD in Economics at Oxford University.

Excuse me, stay outside.

In her book, she basically says that all the "aid" from rich countries to Africa actually makes Africa's situation much worse. Unfortunately, it causes opposite of a desired result.

The "aid" money Europeans have been put doesn't reach to those in need, but it actually profits a small per cent of politicians n brokers. This eventually cause more corruption n inflation all over, and local operation get taken over by the capital so that peasants can't feed themselves.

Here again, we can see a popular mechanism "the rich get richer n the poor get poorer".

"Most Brits would be irritated if Michael Jackson started offering advice on how to resolve the credit crisis. Americans would be put out if Amy Winehouse went to tell them how to end the housing crisis. I don't see why Africans shouldn't be perturbed for the same reasons", she also says when asked about those Rock stars n Hollywood bigmans campaigning "save Africa".

I big up her for real. Speaking out straight, pointing out whats wrong with policies, n coming up with an alternative. And what I think whats important is that she is African from there. And she used to work for World Bank and Goldman Sachs, so she got reasons n her voice has a lot of meanings.

Turing over what had been said to be common sense about Africa, like "ohh poor Africans, war, hunger, poverty... so misrable. ok, let me aid you". And I think it is so valuable what she says.

In spring 2009, she was selected as The 2009 TIME 100 by Times Magazine.

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