Monday, December 21, 2009

Intro World Current 103C: Dead Aid

>>Continued from an previous article

Uneasiness in Nicaragua

So, talking about my experience with Globalization. I also have some sort of doubt for rich countries "aiding" developing nations. Not the whole thing itself but I question some part of it. One of the reasons come from my previous experience when I visited there with my college friends from Friends World Program.

We did a several activities including interviewing an JICA's officer at their office Managua. Also we visited a site where a group of American high school kids were helping build houses for the poor locals.

Honestly I was feeling a sort of uneasiness already at this moment. But I wasn't sure if that was from what I simply sensed or just a biased taught comes from my head.

Actually, those US high schoolers were already saying that donating money and things to the Nicaraguan poor doesn't really help them. They said because it just made them wait, instead of working hard on their own to get their needs. And it might be just satisfying the riches' ego that they are doing something "good".

So, I agreed.

Anyway, we gave the Nicaraguan poor no shoes, no clothes, nothing. Instead, we spent time together helping build their houses, piling up bricks and carrying the materials.

We related to them in this way because of an new theory: better teach how to get foods rather than giving the foods.

However, this was only one shot project, so I again got quite confused. I was one of those from rich countries who can move around by transportation. Just like making a stop by when feel like. So I thought, for the locals, it was like that curious outsiders come by, did a thing or two, got satisfied and went back. I remember I was so moved by this field trip.


As a typical middle-class from Japan, I valued very much a kind of cross-cultural experience like this. More youth generations are learning a wide variety of realities and cultural differences. And those new generation are getting linked and sharing thoughts n visions. Some are already starting to work hard to design a better global social structure.

Anyway, so for now, Viva cross-cultural communication!

What you know n don't know, got experiences or not, if you can manage yourself or not, if you can get an emotional attachment or not, everything you think is important.

But before that, I gotta get over my personal challenge that I gotta get better diplomatic skills to communicate smoothly with a certain kind of people.

Alright, then, everybody double genki up in your field!

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