Friday, October 16, 2009

Intermediate Latin America 203: Costa Rica, Rich Coast

>> Continued from an previous article.

Facing own contradiction: 矛盾と向き合う

"No Struggle, No Stress" isn't always true when it comes to dealing with our own contradiction, of course you gotta be cool and chilled tho.

For get-away vacations, an peaceful atmosphere is what you want. Manuel Antonio too offers that nice n cozy vibes. However, this element can be disturbed by people from outside the community. And I think this has been happening ever since the beginning of human migration.

I remember that I was kinda irritated and felt discomfort when a group of young Gringos were around. Backed up by the power of the US dollar, many of them looked so disrespectful for the local people n nature. I knew they are a kind of people who work straight n pay taxes as good middle class back their home country.

Every time I saw young gringo persons throw a trash or bottle or even talking arrogantly to locals, it was just so disgusting. During my stay, I often encountered this type of people: young n light skinned, n usually grouped up. This made me think of Japanese tourists in South East Asian countries.

And looking back, now I can accept this thought come in my mind... I'm the same shit, no?

Let me think one more time. Who were they who caused these Coastal Development Issues environmentally n emotionally? Tourists, back packers, foreigners, n vacationists like myself, basically those outsiders with money were the ones who would be the main cause in this little beach community.

Wow, how contradicted I was. It was so easy to point out at them n talk shit like criticizing. Yet it took me at least a couple of years to realize that I was the same middle-class stupid spoiled brat in the eyes of others. I couldn't see anything at that time.

We are all intertwined and linked with each other, even if it's not seen. We all have feelings, doesn't matter in home or foreign countries. Because of this, we can live at the fullest. And all types of social issues exist because of this too.


I remember a conversation between one local and I.

One sunny day, we were just chillin under the palm shade. He looked at shoreline n pointed out at a group of Gringas having fun, and he said,

"They come here romping around, get drunk n caused some troubles. But they buy me beer, buy me food, n give me sex. Everything free."

"I teach them how to surf, have them take my boat, and rent out them parasols. That's how I earn my living here. Many of us locals live off of like that."

Summary: 要約

I think that we all have unseen relationships with those around. Ultimately, perhaps we all rely on and influence on each other.

However, in this time, we youth n global generation gotta take care of some kind of awareness. For the positive future, we gotta show respect for others. And I believe that's where all development n betterment come to a movement. And this will be later called "culture".


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