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Intermediate Latin America 203: Costa Rica, Rich Coast

Courtesy of Adrian Almquist

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Today's topic is a short story of a Costa Rica's small beach community I stayed back in the day.

Intermediate Latin America 203: Costa Rica, Rich Coast

Manuel Antonio: マヌエル・アントニオ

During the dry season, 2003, I often stayed at a genki, or 元気, Mexicana
Roxy's Apt. in Manuel Antonio, a petite village by the Pacific. Manuel Antonio is known among Ticos for one of their popular get away destinations.

As I visited there more n more, I started to see some issues. One that was obviously going on was a Coastal Development Issue.

More people come into the area, more business chances will come too. So those with capitals, predominantly Europeans n Gringos, would buy a land n build a condominium or a nice villa for business purposes. The community appeared to be etting developed as a nice beach town.

However, in the backside of their buildings, there were many puddles that colored dirty como greyish n smell like a sewage. That's right, drain was exposed n sewage was directly runnig outside the building into near by stream.

Manuel Antonio was just getting developed for those visitors like myself n many other foreigners as well as Ticos. Ironically, the more people enjoyed relaxing Ecotourism boom, more issues arose.

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